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Teaser 2 - FGS new indie project 2023

FGS is pleased to present: 2nd TEASER for our biggest independent project this year (⌐■_■)/ A special project has been carried out since the beginning of the year until now. There is still a long way to go but we are very pleased to introduce to you some unique images. Please invite your friends and family to watch. Piu Piu Piu. Music: RAINY NIGHT IN TALLINN - Ludwig Göransson PS: The timing of the teaser's release is just a coincidence when the war between Middle Eastern countries is raging. FGS does not advocate war and does not support the use of dangerous weapons. Please sympathize with the people who like to make action movies but have only been hired to film toothpaste, shampoo, baby diapers, feeding bottles... gentle and lovable all their lives.


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